Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour 2010

American Idol eighth season runner-up Adam Lambert brought his highly anticipated Glam Nation Tour to Amsterdam and it was simply put – AMAZING! I’ve been a big fan from the beginning because he is not only the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the United States (also American Idol contestant) but mostly because he is honest about who he is and what he does.

Last year Adam performed “For Your Entertainment” at the American Music Awards of 2009 and during this performance he kissed a male keyboardist, ground a dancer’s head against his pelvis and grabbed the crotch of another. In response to his performance, the Parents Television Council, a conservative decency campaigning group, urged viewers to complain to the FCC. As a result of this, Adam was refused from performing on ABC and had to justify his riské actions to the American conservative old parents who watch too much damn TV.

Well I am happy to say that Adam held nothing back while performing in Amsterdam, the city of gay love and tolerance. His Glam Nation Tour concert was not only filled with lots of great singing and dancing but also LOTS of gay kissing (this time with his cute bass player), crotch grabbing, fellatio & cunnilingus imagery and weed smoking on stage. Kudos to Adam for not holding anything back and making it a FANTASTIC concert.

If you haven’t listened to his album as yet, I strongly advise you to go buy it. Also check his tour schedule for dates of when Glam Nation is headed to a town near you…I can’t guarantee he will be as wild in your city but non-the-less you will enjoy the show.

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Looking down on Amsterdam. #amsterdam #netherlands #adamlookout
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