Guy I like / Guy I don’t like

Guy I like / Guy I don’t like

1. The guy I don’t like knows how to converse but the guy I like can only say one misspelled word.

2. Late at night The guy I don’t like says “goodnight beautiful” and “sweet dreams” but the guy I like only wants a booty call.

So typical.
Tré Sweeney…..

Welcome to the written documentation of a crazy man. He seems normal to most....but he is slowly un-winding at the seems and will one day explode.

Don't feed the crazies!

Looking down on Amsterdam. #amsterdam #netherlands #adamlookout
Saw the amazing diva @mariahcarey sing live at Ziggo Dome here in Amsterdam. She's such a great vocalist and powerhouse singer.
Just bought 12 @aceandtate sunglasses as gifts for a Tech Event. #aceandtate #sunglasses
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