Robyn Concert

Robyn is fairly new to me. I first heard her single ‘Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)’ back in 2009 and thought “that girly looking guy sounds awesome”. Later on I figured out that she was actually a girl who’s big into the Electro/Dance Pop genre.

Since then I’ve been hooked to her music and was really excited to know that she was on tour and making a stop in Amsterdam. The concert was truly amazing. The concert, or should I say club, was true to her genre – Electro/Dance Pop, filled with all of her upbeat dance numbers which are my favorites. She was in full force, having a great time belting every song out while we all danced and sang along. That was how all concerts should be.

If you like Dance or Electro Pop and not familiar with this great singer, check out her albums and tour schedule.

Tré Sweeney…..

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Looking down on Amsterdam. #amsterdam #netherlands #adamlookout
Saw the amazing diva @mariahcarey sing live at Ziggo Dome here in Amsterdam. She's such a great vocalist and powerhouse singer.
Just bought 12 @aceandtate sunglasses as gifts for a Tech Event. #aceandtate #sunglasses
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