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Far East Movement 2010

Far East Movement (stylized Far⋆East Movement and abbreviated FM) is a new electro/hip hop group out of Los Angeles, California. Band members Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman have just dropped their 10 song album “Free Wired” which is filled with strong beats backed with solid vocals. Their current lead single “Like a G6″ reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list and made 1 million in sales (platinum status)…and is sure to be on this year’s best songs list. I was initially a bit disappointed that their first studio release is a mere 10 songs. But after listening to the album, I realized that each song is indeed single worthy, so kudos to them for not releasing a larger track album of filler songs. The album features some well known artist which include Snoop Dogg, Kery Hilson and Mohombi.

FM brought their electro/hip hop songs to Amsterdam in what can only be called a dance filled concert where the beats were heavy and our hands & bodies were in the air. At the end of the FM dance-fest the DJ kept rocking the beats for the crazy crown and we kept dancing like we were all drunk on the dance floor.

FM’s Free Wired album is a MUST have, if you like good electro/hip hop music.


Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour 2010

American Idol eighth season runner-up Adam Lambert brought his highly anticipated Glam Nation Tour to Amsterdam and it was simply put – AMAZING! I’ve been a big fan from the beginning because he is not only the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the United States (also American Idol contestant) but mostly because he is honest about who he is and what he does.

Last year Adam performed “For Your Entertainment” at the American Music Awards of 2009 and during this performance he kissed a male keyboardist, ground a dancer’s head against his pelvis and grabbed the crotch of another. In response to his performance, the Parents Television Council, a conservative decency campaigning group, urged viewers to complain to the FCC. As a result of this, Adam was refused from performing on ABC and had to justify his riské actions to the American conservative old parents who watch too much damn TV.

Well I am happy to say that Adam held nothing back while performing in Amsterdam, the city of gay love and tolerance. His Glam Nation Tour concert was not only filled with lots of great singing and dancing but also LOTS of gay kissing (this time with his cute bass player), crotch grabbing, fellatio & cunnilingus imagery and weed smoking on stage. Kudos to Adam for not holding anything back and making it a FANTASTIC concert.

If you haven’t listened to his album as yet, I strongly advise you to go buy it. Also check his tour schedule for dates of when Glam Nation is headed to a town near you…I can’t guarantee he will be as wild in your city but non-the-less you will enjoy the show.


Robyn Concert

Robyn is fairly new to me. I first heard her single ‘Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)’ back in 2009 and thought “that girly looking guy sounds awesome”. Later on I figured out that she was actually a girl who’s big into the Electro/Dance Pop genre.

Since then I’ve been hooked to her music and was really excited to know that she was on tour and making a stop in Amsterdam. The concert was truly amazing. The concert, or should I say club, was true to her genre – Electro/Dance Pop, filled with all of her upbeat dance numbers which are my favorites. She was in full force, having a great time belting every song out while we all danced and sang along. That was how all concerts should be.

If you like Dance or Electro Pop and not familiar with this great singer, check out her albums and tour schedule.


Lifehouse in concert

This past week I had the great opportunity to see one of my favorite bands play live here in Amsterdam. I’ve been a big fan of Lifehouse for a few years now and I can remember when I heard them for the first time. My friend, Keshia, brought two of their albums along while we were on one of our many road trips and we rocked out with their albums to our destination and back…since then I’ve been hocked.

Their concert was here at the Paradiso and it was a nice intimate setting where I bought a standing ticket which got me a good view close to the stage. Opening for the band was a new group, well at least new to me, Pioneers of Love which did a good job of getting the crowd hipped and ready. I will definitely get their debut album when its released.

Unlike some recording artist/bands that sound great on CD but crappy live, Lifehouse is no such band. The lead singer, Jason, is an exceptional singer and their sound is not over synthesized nor fake. They sang all of my favorites from previous albums and their current album Smoke & Mirrors. One of the highlights from this concert was singing along with Jason as he took song requests from the audience and played it on his guitar.

If you like Lifehouse as much as I do, please check out their tour schedule and get a ticket to this awesome band.

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