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Fairy Tale Endings

I don’t believe in astrology, hocus-pocus nor anything that I can’t prove. However, I just finished watching Enchanted and longed for the beautiful happy endings that fairy tales provide and felt inspired. If only life was filled with the happy endings of those of our childhood fairy tales.

As a child, my Mother used to read me Fairy Tales. I enjoyed them so much that I began reading them on my own and in fact read them far beyond the point when my friends stopped reading Fairy Tales and went on to other books.

Somehow I felt that life was like a Fairy Tale: to get the Prince/Princess, the Kingdom and the Money and live happily ever after, there are certain tests of character that each of us must pass through.

This is how it was in the Fairy Tales: the hero had to go through at least three major encounters with a monster-beast and win over all the odds to survive and get to the Princess and the Kingdom. Each of these tests makes the hero mightier and more worthy of the prize. Not only are character and strength expanded, but the capacity to appreciate the prize – hard sought – is deepened.

I think that daily life is like this. What we desire in our hearts we are supposed to have.

- Jan Spiller

So if Ms. Spiller’s words are true then we are the ones to make each day a fairy tale. Life is indeed made up of the elements of our own fairy tales, it just takes our desires to put them into motion.

Below are clips from Enchanted.

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