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Why does it have to change?!?

Why does it have to change?!?

I don’t like change!


Facebook vs. Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter

Breakdown of the two social network giants.


Facebook pictures and relationships

I had a conversation with two friends the other night and they thought that me having pictures of my ex-boyfriend in my Facebook pictures is a bad thing. They thought that any future boyfriend would have a problem with his partner having pictures of their exes on their Facebook (the same goes for Myspace). I don’t really see any harm in having the pictures there. It was good times in my life and I posted the picture at the time of the event…why should I remove the pictures now that we are no longer in a relationship? Especially when I don’t have any bad feelings for my exes.

So they indicated that they would have removed the pictures from public view and keep it on their computer, if it was them. But how much worse is that? Having pictures of your computer, hidden away…that sounds like a far worse relationship crime. And if they weren’t per-say ‘hidden away’ and the partner knew about them then what is the use of having to take down pictures of an ex when the relationship is all over. Seems like a whole of hassle for nothing.

My contention is that the pictures of the ex should stay up and if my future partner has questions or doubts of who he is or my feelings or intentions of the pictures then a conversation needs to occur. Open and honest communication is going to be the key to working through any problems and if there isn’t communication but instead assumptions then the saying is true of what happens when we assume.

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