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A weekend in Paris…why not! I spent the past weekend in Paris enjoying the city, wines and food. Some of the sights/things I did while there:

- Wine tasking at O’Chateau
- Musee du Louve
- Walk down Avenue des Champs-Elysees
- Arc de Triomphe
- Montmartre
- Le Basilique de Sacré-Crœur
- Notre-Dame and surrounding area
- Flea & Antique market (one of the largest in Europe)
- and lots of great food and tasty wines

Below are some of the video from my weekend:

1. Rémy, our wine sommelier, describing the different French wine regions:

2. Street Entertainment outside Le basilique du Sacré-Crœur:

3. Just before going up the Eiffel Tower:

4. Le Cathédrale de Notre-Dame:

5. Love Locks by Augustin (Discover Walks):

Pics from this weekend can be found on my Facebook page.

Can’t really ask for a better weekend get-away!


Paris…oui oui!

Paris…oui oui!
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