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Weather in the Netherlands

Its another cold and windy day here in the Netherlands. One would think that by the end of May the weather would have really warmed up to the point of shorts…but that is not the case. My colleague, a Dutchman, filled me in on some basic Netherlands weather must-knows:


- The Netherlands doesn’t have true seasons like other countries (i.e. US). Its either cold or not so cold.
- “Summer-ish weather” is really two weeks of mid-20s in June and one week, two if we’re lucky, of mid-20s again in July.
- Enjoy the warm days when we have them because they are few. This is the reason why the Dutch always flock to the beach/park on warm days – to soak it up.
- It always rains…so always be prepared, even if the weather forecast says its not going to rain……..IT WILL RAIN!
- You will go through lots and lots of umbrellas. You either buy them cheap and when they break you replace them, as they often do, or pay a lot of money for a really good one that can take the rain and wind……just don’t loose it!
- For the most part it’s always going to be cold. After years of living here you will get used to the cold and be able to better adjust to it.


However am I sad, disappointed or angry about it? Nope, there are so many other great things about this country that I love that the weather doesn’t bother me one bit (also, I hate the heat).

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