The best part of me

What is the best part of me? This is sometimes the question I ask myself during times where self-evaluation is my focus, much of what I have been doing last week. My time of introspection was filled with identifying and understanding my emotional state; as emotions are crucial to one’s happiness and play a significant role in how we experience ourselves and respond to the world around us.

I’m still getting to know more about myself each day, even at 31, and I realize that I find the best part of me more and more in the least likely places.

Understanding the ideas and values which underlie our emotions is to be on the road toward understanding the unique personal way each of us comes at life. Understanding your emotions enables you to get in touch with what is uniquely you: your individuality. The more you know what you value, the greater is your sense of your own identity and the more you will know who you are. – Edith Packer, J.D., Ph.D.

Tré Sweeney…..

Welcome to the written documentation of a crazy man. He seems normal to most....but he is slowly un-winding at the seems and will one day explode.

Don't feed the crazies!

Looking down on Amsterdam. #amsterdam #netherlands #adamlookout
Saw the amazing diva @mariahcarey sing live at Ziggo Dome here in Amsterdam. She's such a great vocalist and powerhouse singer.
Just bought 12 @aceandtate sunglasses as gifts for a Tech Event. #aceandtate #sunglasses
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