The End and the Beginning

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Life is about to drastically change for me. I’m finally doing something that I have been thinking about for quite some time but never gotten the nerve to do. On March 14, 2010 I’m finally moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve lived a number of years in St. Maarten, one of the Netherlands Antilles and returning to the Netherlands shouldn’t be too much of a drastic move. However, it’s a hard thing to pack up everything and completely relocate, I guess this is the reason why I hadn’t made the move.

For quite some time I haven’t been happy with the life that I was living and the place where I am living it. Alabama being a true southern, bible-belt, state is just not the place for me. I visited New York in 2007 and was completely entranced with the fast paced, large city, action at every street corner and felt the aftershock when I returned back to my small town Huntsville. Along with the small town feel there is the small dating pool and it doesn’t help if your gay, that just turns the pool into a pail. I’m not saying that the reason for leaving the US is because I’m unhappy with my gay life in Alabama but more so I’ve lost a lot of who I am in the recent years that I’ve started to just float from day-to-day. Each day has nothing that makes it stand out from the previous. So a change is greatly necessary.

I guess with everything change has to occur. With change we grow, its the fundamental part of our human evolution. I look forward to also starting anew. Nothing is more adventurous to me that picking up and starting fresh in a new place and getting to know the environment, people, culture and making it my own. So I see this as the power jolt that will kick start my stalled engine.

So with this impending end I open a new chapter in my life, this site (blog/journal/soapbox). This site will be a place for me to share some wisdom, spark some attention and hopefully fulfill my goal of living my life to its fullest. Life is what you make it and I’m using this site as my fuel to keep my engine roaring louder and moving faster than it has ever been.

Tré Sweeney…..

Welcome to the written documentation of a crazy man. He seems normal to most....but he is slowly un-winding at the seems and will one day explode.

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